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Cast Iron Stoves of Distinction

Please either phone Mr Leeves on 01323 484132, 07770 355807 or e-mail saakeith@aol.com for all stove-related enquiries.

SPARE-PARTS (cast-iron) are charged by weight and reflect the (increasing) cost of fresh iron-ore. Cost: £9 (inc. VAT) per kilo. Please weigh the parts that you want to replace - to get an idea of the price - before deciding whether or not to contact Mr Leeves. Postage and packing is extra.

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Foundry Certificated
by "ISO" for Quality

Cast from Iron-Ore,
Not Scrap Metal

Heavy Duty Construction &
Long Durability

Attractive Old World
Traditional Looks

Ultra Modern
Stove Technology

Bernard Davis & Co
East Sussex

01323 484132

07770 355807



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