Cast Iron Stoves of Distinction

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Stoves are supplied on the longer legs but short, emergency legs (for short fire-places) are available.


The illustrations show some stoves on short legs but the dimensions shown are for the standard, full-sized longer leg.


BD&Co stoves are of cast-iron, made from virgin iron-ore. Many other well-known makes are made only from recycled scrap-steel, which is vastly inferior to iron-ore.

Full installation service available in the South-East by HETAS registered installer with over 25 years of experience. (07770 355807)



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Bernard Davis & Co. stoves are priced to be thoroughly affordable, just compare with other makes. However, Longlife stoves are all made of the finest materials and rank among the very best - Beware of imitations and look for the BD&CO Logo sign of quality.

Please browse the following stoves on this and other pages for information on our most popular multifuel stove models. Please call 01323 484132 to order, for more information, or to find your nearest distributor.

Fairview Double-door.
H22.5" D16.75" W19.5" overall
4.5 KW
6" outlets: top or back


Spark guard, wood or coal burning, Varicontrol, super airwash, .

H22.5" D16.75" W19.5" overall
4.5 KW  nominal
6" outlets: top or back


Sparkguard, wood or coal burning, Varicontrol, super airwash,

H24.5" D16" W23" overall
6 KW nominal
6 or 7" outlets: top or back


Sparkguard, wood or coal burning, hinged hotplate, powerful 4-inlet super-draw. Varicontrol super airwash.

H22.5" D16.75" W19.5" overall

4.5 KW nominal
6" outlets: top or back


Sparkguard, wood or coal burning, Varicontrol super airwash.

All our stoves have the following features:

FINISH: black, high temperature casting; self-burnishing when rubbed with a dry cloth. This new formula coating does not suffer from the unpleasant drawbacks of other makes.

GLASS WINDOWS: space-age pyro-ceramic, totally impervious to extremes of temperature. Glass is protected from impact-fracture by the use of iron glass-frames.

CLEAR GLASS "VARICONTROL" is a BD&CO innovative idea, enabling side to side control and balance of the fire as well as maintaining sparkling clean glass.

SAFETY: BD&CO is very safety-concious. Take-off door handles, to be out of reach of children and to avoid hand-burning; sparkguards to promote safety for when the stoves are being used like an open fire.

ENVIRONMENT: downdraught "Varicontrol" and straightforward "airwash" promote a cleaner burn in stove-combustion. Rarely is anything further needed or, indeed, workable. (Beware false claims.)

PLEASE NOTE: the airwash glass-clear system works when the airwash-valves are suitably open.


Bernard Davis & Co, (Longlife Stoves),East Sussex.

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