Cast Iron Stoves of Distinction

About Bernard Davis Stoves:

BD&CO Longlife Stoves are hand built from high grade cast iron panels which are jointed and accurately bolted together. All parts are thus replaceable if ever needs be.

Heavy cast iron stoves require very careful handling and therefore it is strongly advised that they are never transported, especially long distances, by common carrier. There is a distinct risk of severe damage, both obvious and hidden, because of poor handling; jolts and knocks during transportation.

It is recommended that the purchaser makes a personal collection either directly from BD&CO or from a nearer BD&CO dealer who will have made a thorough Pre Delivery Inspection to ensure full customer satisfaction. The best policy is always to see what is bought.' Taking out insurance is not an answer to the carrier problem


BD&CO Longlife stoves are constantly under technical review and improvement.

The BD&CO trademark logo is discretely embossed on the hearth-plate of all genuine Longlife stoves. Beware of look-alike fakes (No BD&CO logo)

Buy the best. Buy Longlife .

Foundry Certificated
by "ISO" for Quality

Cast from Iron-Ore,
Not Scrap Metal

Heavy Duty Construction &
Long Durability

Attractive Old World
Traditional Looks

Ultra Modern
Stove Technology


Bernard Davis & Co, (Longlife Stoves), East Sussex.
Tel/Fax: 01323 484132 or 07770 355807


Before buying a stove, any stove, do your homework.